What can digitalStrom do for you?

Strom translated from German is "Electricity". If your device can connect to electricity, digitalStrom can control it. From controlling lighting and blinds to watering your garden & pre-heating your oven the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.


The beauty of digitalSTROM is both in its complexity, allowing it to integrate with almost every electrical device in your home, along with its simplicity, allowing you to control all those devices in many ways.



By using voice control devices (such as Alexa or Google home) you can turn on lights, or change the music when your hands are busy, such as when you're in the kitchen or giving the kids a bath. On your smart phone or tablet you can access everything.

Imagine turning on the sprinklers when you are watching TV, or turning off all the lights from bed. Of course you can still simply "flick the switch" allowing visitors to easily feel at home.


Custom "scenes" will allow you to control multiple devices with a single touch.


Imagine pressing a switch as soon as you arrive home that turns lounge lights on, the TV on your favorite channel and close the blinds. Or you could simply command through a voice control system "I'm leaving now" and all lights and non essential electronic devices will be switched off, meaning you will never leave the lights on all day. 

With the use of "schedules" you can trigger actions for your nominated time. Imagine waking up each morning to your bedroom lights simulating the sunrise, your favourite radio station playing and the kettle boiling. 

With the use of different sensors or internet based inputs we can trigger actions based on the days events...


digitalStrom is IoT ready (Internet of things), meaning other smart devices and services connected to the internet can be connected to your home.


digitalStrom has built in apps for SONOS home audio, Logitech harmony hub, Philips Hue lighting, IFTTT and many more. 

Voice commands from Amazon Alexa and Google assistant smart speakers can be used to trigger any command in smart home. 

Using IFTTT, third party products such as netatmo weather stations can act as triggers to tell digitalStrom to water the garden or turn on the air-conditioning.

IFTTT connects over 500+ services to your digitalStrom home, giving you the flexibility to control what you want, when you want.

Opting for a digitalStrom smart home means opting for an ever evolving smart home. Once you have paid for the digitalStrom server all future software updates are free.


You already have the most important part of the digitalSTROM network: your electricity supply and wiring.


digitalStrom is a fully wired system meaning it has no drop outs to the network and no risk of electromagnetic interference.

In the case of the internet or network being down, all switches will still work in a traditional manner.

By using the existing 240V wiring already in your home, the digitalStrom system communicates easily to each of its modules. This makes the upgrade to a digitalStrom smart home fast, clean, intelligent and inexpensive, since your existing infrastructure is simply being enhanced.

Using the existing wiring and only one new cable (ethernet patch lead), installation takes a very small amount of time for your electrician to install, costing significantly less than other home automation products on the market.


With rising energy costs and a growing awareness OF our impact on the environment, people want to understand what energy they are using.


The digitalSTROM app gives you all the information in the palm of your hand, allowing you to understand what is chewing up power. By use of schedules and other systems it will allow you to implement changes to reduce your impact on our environment and save you money.


Customized features can make the home feel even safer. For instance, you can install panic buttons by the bed so you can turn on every light in the house if you hear a noise.

Holiday schedules can be installed, that automatically control your TV, stereo, lighting and blinds, simulating presence in the home. This feature is also great for shift workers.

Connect your security system to digitalSTROM, to extend its functionality. When arming your alarm, have the lights automatically turn off. If a break in occurs have the security system flash every light in the house, disorientating the burglar and letting the whole street know something is wrong. 


Start with one of The Automators starter packs and begin the journey to connect everything in your home. 


The heart of your smart home is the digitalStrom server. It is your secure portal to the internet and the glue to the electronics in your home.

Curious on how little it will cost to connect your whole home? Check out some of our case studies on the About us page.