So who are The Automators? 

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We are a couple of standard Aussie blokes from Melbourne, who get extremely excited about household gadgets. Inspired by the work of people like Josephine Cochrane (inventor of the dishwasher) and the rise of IoT (The internet of things) we decided to start a business that would help make homes smarter.

25 years ago, home automation systems were only accessible for the super rich or super intelligent. We are now living in a time where smart electrical devices are available to the masses.

In 2008, you could purchase an entry level 10 megapixel DSLR camera without a lens for just under $1000.

Fast forward to 10 years from then, and you can purchase an arguably better camera, attached to a Drone that can be controlled with hand gestures for less than $900! You can now buy a watch that has a mobile phone and GPS tracker in it for under $600! Only Maxwell Smart can do that!

This is what excites us at the Automators. The future is here!

In 2007, Apple revolutionized the world when they released the iPhone. In 2018, we want to revolutionise Australia with smarter homes.

The standard 2018 Australian home already has so many smart devices in it. Our business goal is to help you connect them all!

Please see some of the case studies below on how we have helped people achieve their automation dreams.

Case Studies to be uploaded shortly...