Our mission is to help residents turn their standard Australian homes into smart homes. All of our products integrate together to create intelligent solutions that are convenient, efficient and easy to use. Above all we find products that balance price with functionality, allowing the end user to get the best bang for their buck! Our fundamental product is the digitalSTROM product range.

DigitalSTROM provides the glue that links all of your smart devices together. watch the video and keep scrolling to learn more.

With digitalSTROM, all devices in the house are networked together transforming a standard home into a smart home. Here are some of the advantages of using digitalSTROM.

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With the abundance of smart devices in the home already, you only need to add a few components and you can automate your home. From this point the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

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Your home can be easily controlled from your smart devices, voice control (such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home) and the traditional light switch.

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digitalSTROM utilises the 240V wiring in your home to communicate to each of its modules. There's no need to re-wire your existing home or change your new build design.

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Using time schedules you can wake up to dim lighting, your favourite radio station playing and the kettle boiling. You can also schedule your heating or cooling, allowing you to return to a perfect climate when you walk through the door.

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Going on holidays? Simulate presence when you are away with digitalSTROM's automation feature. The system controls lights and blinds at random, giving the appearance that you are still at home. 

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Monitor the power consumption of your home with the digitalSTROM smart meters. You will understand what devices use the most energy, allowing you to adjust your habits and save money.


All of The Automators products integrate with digitalSTROM either directly or through IFTTT. This expands the potential of having one application that can controls everything in your home.

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